Essential Prescriptions for Pregnancy and Post-Partum Care

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National University of Natural Medicine,
College of Classical Chinese Medicine

This month’s offering features a video summary of Heiner Fruehauf’s teaching about fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care given during a seminar on Mt. Qingcheng in Sichuan Province during the summer of 2019—an introduction to the practical use of the five most fundamental prescriptions for getting pregnant, staying pregnant, easy delivery and postpartum recovery.

Total running time: 29 mins

Recovering from Acute and Chronic Viral Infections with Chinese Medicine

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Healthy Seminars

College of Classical Chinese Medicine,
National University of Natural Medicine

This interview with Heiner Fruehauf is a preface to a full length seminar with Healthy Seminars that will introduce students to the theory, history, and practice of Chinese medicine approaches to the recovery from acute viral infections and degenerative after-effects caused by potential autoimmune reactions. The interview is conducted by Founder Dr. Lorne Brown, B.Sc., CPA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHT.

Dr. Judith Boice Interviews Dr. Heiner Fruehauf

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American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

College of Classical Chinese Medicine,
National University of Natural Medicine

This interview was recorded for a clinical mentorship class that is part of the online doctorate completion program at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM). Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO is an adjunct faculty member at ACTCM as well as an award-winning author and teacher. is delighted to share this dialogue with you, and we extend our gratitude to Dr. Boice for making this recording available.

Spirit of the Points: Pericardium Channel (4 Parts)

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The great Tang dynasty scholar physician Sun Simiao hinted 1,400 years ago that the secret of understanding the power of the acupuncture points is encoded in their ancient names—a vital piece of information with enormous clinical implications, which has literally been lost in translation. Most Western practitioners of Chinese medicine associate each acupuncture point with an abstract number. This series represents the detailed delivery of goods that was announced last year with the existing video lecture on symbolism of acu-points.

Gu Syndrome with Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc (Episode #116)

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National College of Natural Medicine,
College of Classical Chinese Medicine

Health writer,

In a wide-ranging interview with health writer Scott Forsgren, Heiner outlines the unique relevance of anti-Gu treatment strategies for many modern mystery afflictions such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue disorder. He shares practical advice based on his own clinical experience with inflammatory disorders that involve chronic overwhelm of the immune system by multiple layers of inflammatory pathogens like viruses, spirochetes, fungi and a variety of recalcitrant biofilms. Heiner points, out, moreover, that ancient Gu Syndrome treatment approaches may even contain potential lessons for the treatment of COVID-19.

On Acupuncture

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Institute for the Clinical Research of Classical Chinese Medicine, Guangxi University of TCM

Dr. Liu Lihong has become a household name in China since the publication of Sikao zhongyi, his inspirational best-seller on Chinese medicine 18 years ago (available in English translation under the title Classical Chinese Medicine). Originally an expert in herbal medicine, Dr. Liu has recently shifted his educational and clinical focus to a Daoist system of acupuncture called Huangdi Neizhen (The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Transmission of Acupuncture). In this month’s presentation he will share some of his insights into the art and science of classical acupuncture and the Neizhen system in particular.

Total running time: 1 hr.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf