Heron Institute for Life Science is pleased to announce a Revitalizing Eco-Retreat with Heiner Fruehauf

Heron Institute for Life Science

Revitalizing Eco-Retreat

Qigong with Heiner Fruehauf in Playa Viva, Mexico
December 12-19, 2022


My German ancestors, physicians in the European Nature Cure tradition, all emphasized the importance of rest and relaxation in natural settings. Since I was a little boy, oceans and mountains and forests have always held the promise of revitalization for me. Therefore, I like nothing better than to spend my vacations on undeveloped earth, preferably in places that offer authentic regional food! While the combination of pristine natural scenery and delectable cooking is hard to find, there are several places in the world where I regularly return to because they embody this formula. Playa Viva, an eco-resort situated on an undeveloped stretch of the Pacific Coast in Mexico, is such a place.

I invite you to join me at Playa Viva for a glorious immersion in the bounties of nature—perfect temperature salt water, dolphins swimming by the breakfast table, hatching turtles, sunrise walks along miles of pristine beach, daily qigong sessions in an oceanside studio, and lovingly prepared organic meals made from materials produced on-site.


NOTE: This is a privately organized retreat through the Heron Institute. Please do not contact the retreat center for information.

For more information or to apply to attend this retreat, please contact the Heron Institute Executive Director Martha Morgan at info@heroninstitute.org.

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PlayaViva Revitalizing Eco-Retreat