Do you…

Ever feel like something is missing in your life?

Feel separate, alone or on your own… even with others around?

Tend to be self-critical, depressed, anxious or prone to outbursts of anger?

Yearn to feel more fully alive, more connected to yourself and others?

Ananda Laurelwood

Ananda Center – Laurelwood

“My daily life is…. a testament to the enduring, transformative process of Wang Fengyi Shan Ren Dao.”


“…I’ve attended 20+ years of workshops … as well as participated and/or led hundreds of workshops throughout my career. Tamara’s leadership was profound and clearly inspired…unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The workshop was life changing for me and I am grateful beyond words. Wang Fengyi’s teachings have impacted me very deeply.”


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You are note alone. Many of us awaken one day to the feeling we have “lost” a part of ourselves. We sense that somewhere under the layers of old feelings, identities and habits the “heart” of who we really are remains.  And yet, we have no idea how to reach it.

The emotional healing system known in China as the “Path of the Real Person” (aka Shan Ren Dao) offers us guidance. It recognizes that un-integrated emotions, false beliefs and old ways of relating lodge inside our bodies where they separate us from our authentic expression. Their presence creates toxins which trigger chronic stress responses. These can in-turn lead to physical issues or disease.

Wang Fengyi (1864-1937), the peasant saint who translated ancient Chinese wisdom into this practical and accessible healing system, prophesied from his time forward, the healing of the heart would be the most critical element in reclaiming health. Having experienced the truth of his insight, we offer this system to those longing to journey within, and begin clearing the toxic accumulations and “clutter” of a lifetime.

By taking radical self responsibility for our expression in the world and its impact on ourselves and others, we move out of blame and into empowerment. Inner toxins begin to clear. We become increasingly free from that which has blocked our truest expression. We naturally become more authentic. Our heart heals.

More than just theory, in this supportive two-week immersion, you will begin to actually clear these toxins from your body. As you quite literally begin to “empty out the garbage can”, your inner light – that which is ever-present even if hidden – will naturally begin to shine forth.

To support the transformational changes that happen through the emotional healing work, participants will also learn the Fourteen Movements of the Jinjing School, one of the esoteric forms of classical Qigong rarely taught in a public setting. The form derives from the animated movements of the Shaolin classic “Transform Every Fiber in your Body” (Yijinjing). Practiced regularly, it stands by its name in delivering a change in the physical body. (Note: no prior Qigong experience is required.)

What you will gain

  • A renewed and deepened sense of connection with your self, family and others
  • Feeling more “you” than you may ever remember feeling
  • Decreased tension and increased presence and well-being on the physical/body level (some previous participants have reported resolution of long standing physical conditions)
  • Pertinent, immediately useable guidance on how to actively take responsibility for your life
  • Clear guideposts for living a life of deeper integrity and authenticity
  • Increased inner (and outer) awareness through exploring the personal relevance of the teachings
  • Practical tools for moving through life more fully present and continuing to clear blocks from your body


  • Daily morning
  • Qigong practice
  • Lectures on the Wang Fengyi teachings and the traditional Shan Ren Dao system
  • Exercises to apply the information and explore the personal relevance
  • Organ/virtue sound practices
  • Silence, speaking and release times
  • Tools for life
  • Lovingly prepared vegetarian meals