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This section of our site serves as a repository of study resources and educational opportunities with Prof. Heiner Fruehauf, his colleagues and friends from around the world.

The most important and regularly updated opportunity for study on this website is our membership. We upload at least one video presentation every month by some of classical Chinese medicine’s most respected physicians and scholars. We periodically post articles, including important and difficult to find clinical and scholarly information.

We invite you to explore our work and our extended community of colleagues, affiliates, and friends.
Heiner Fruehauf

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Lectures, Workshops & Online Study

Explore CEU/PDA courses, online study, and other events, retreats, and workshops with Heiner Fruehauf and his colleagues

Wang Qingyu, Heiner Fruehauf, and Liu Lihong

Jinjing Qigong

Jinjing Gong represents a traditional system of nourishing life replete with cosmological teachings, multiple modes of quiet meditation, moving and walking exercises, dietary recommendations, and herbal recipes.

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Sacred Mountain Summer Retreat

The Sacred Mountain Summer Retreat program has purposefully been designed around the sacred mountains of China and is designed for practitioners, students, scholars, and those generally interested in classical Chinese medicine.