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Classical Chinese Medicine reflects the voices of an international movement seeking to honour and restore the classical origins of Chinese medicine.

This site features articles, lectures, and practical demonstrations by Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc, Founding Professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and a group of like-minded scholars in China and the West who are committed to transmit the time-honoured science of Eastern medicine as a highly sophisticated and deeply spiritual art form.

The primary goal of the site is to become an archive for a variety of unique material on Classical Chinese Medicine and its importance in clinical and educational settings. We feature an extensive collection of video-taped lectures and previously unpublished written material. We invite you to engage with the material on the site and participate in constructive dialogue. Our goal is to foster interaction between students, practitioners, and scholars of Chinese medicine in order to preserve its essence and promote its importance around the world.

Classical Chinese Medicine - Heiner Fruehauf

Featured Events

Classical Strategies for Effective Herbal Formulation: A Master Class with Heiner Fruehauf

Classical Strategies for Effective Herbal Formulation: A Master Class with Heiner Fruehauf



At the pinnacle of his academic and clinical career, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf is pleased to announce a 14-month master class where he will systematically present the use of Chinese herbs and synthesize the essence of his academic and clinical insights into the science of classical Chinese herbal formulation.

In a journey that will embed foundational principles in the context of real clinical cases, you will explore the nature and energetic properties of lead herbs, the qualities and character of herb pairs, and the nuanced distinctions between related formulas within a given herb family. In particular, Heiner will share his experience in modifying/combining classical formulas to treat the most difficult disorders of our time. This is the system he used to create the Classical Pearls line of remedies.

The real magic of this master class will be the opportunity to engage a year-long conversation with Heiner and your cohort, discovering and embodying the insights Heiner has gained during his long career at the leading edge of research, teaching and the clinical application of Chinese herbal formulas. You will learn to be creative and flexible in approaching even the most challenging of modern conditions using successful strategies rooted in the ancient (yet timeless) understanding of the laws of nature.

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Sacred Mountain Summer Retreat 2023

Qigong, Chinese Medicine, and the Classical Arts
With Heiner Fruehauf, Liu Lihong, Gao Fuquan, and Wang Qingyu

Study in Dali, Yunnan Province and at Puzhao Buddhist Temple at Mt. Qingcheng, Sichuan Province

Organized by Heron Institute
48+ NCCAOM PDA Credits pending


The Sacred Mountain Retreat program has purposefully been designed around the sacred mountains of China. Since time immemorial, the lush “yin” quality of the Yunnan and Sichuan valleys, marked by cascading waterfalls and an abundance of herbal foliage, and the commanding “yang” presence of 18,000-25,000 ft. peaks has attracted many seekers of the Way. Even the legendary Yellow Emperor himself is said to have traveled to Western China to seek instruction from local hermits. Due to the protected setting of these sites, many traditional arts have survived more unscathed here than anywhere else in China.

The three areas of focus for the 2023 retreat are:

  • Nourishing Life Practices
  • An Immersive Introduction to the Cultural Background of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • A Synthesis of Heiner’s Life Work on the Cosmology and Symbolism of Chinese Medicine

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Learn more about the 2023 retreat and submit your application!

Featured Content

Chinese Herbal Formulas:
A Clinical Manual

A Book By Heiner Fruehauf
A lineage based practice of herbal medicine with formulas organized by “formula families”

Chinese Symbol Science: A Pathway to Clinical Practice

In a recent interview, Heiner Fruehauf discusses the role of ancient cosmology, symbolism and dreams in the context of clinical diagnosis and treatment

Covid-19 & Chinese Medicine Resources

Relevant articles and videos from our colleagues in the US and China, published in the first part of the worldwide pandemic

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The Heart of Our Website is its Membership

The main feature of membership is to emphasize a key trait of classical Chinese medicine that often fades away in the context of the written word: the quality of direct transmission.

True Nature Radio Podcast

True Nature Radio is aimed at educating the general public about the core principles and benefits of natural medicine. Many episodes are centered around the example of Classical Chinese Medicine and include a variety of guests with unique perspectives.

In Memoriam

Remembering Prof. Deng Zhongjia



It is with great sadness that I inform you of Prof. Deng Zhongjia’s passing on February 26, 2022. Prof. Deng’s prolific work and academic philosophy was perhaps the most important influence on the process of founding the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM thirty years ago.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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