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To host a speaking event with Heiner Fruehauf, please contact us.


Continuing Education with Heiner Fruehauf

Continuing Education Webinar Series

With Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc
Online webinars hosted by our educational partner Healthy Seminars

This is a comprehensive series of webinars conducted by Prof. Heiner Fruehauf will educate attendees in the fundamental principles and practices behind using Chinese herbs and herbal formulas based on his extensive studies, research, translations, and over 25 years of clinical experience.

All seminars are CEU/PDA approved for the United States and Canada.


Online Study at ClassicalChineseMedicine.org

Our membership has been configured to feature video presentations and selected written material of Classical Chinese Medicine teachings by Professors Wang Qingyu, Liu Lihong, Heiner Fruehauf, and a variety of other scholars and physicians who are at the forefront of the Classical Chinese Medicine renaissance in China and the west.

We feature 160 hours of educational video and audio presentations that have been recorded in locations throughout mainland China. In addition, a membership gives you access to over two dozen scholarly articles (many in both English and German) not available to the public pages.
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