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rivermark-logoOn this page you’ll find all the information you need to use this website. Here you can find out about web browser requirements to use the website and watch the videos, find answers to commonly asked questions, find out how to contact us, and receive technical support.

Thank you for your support and interest in our work.

Technical Information &
Commonly Asked Questions



Our website is optimized in the Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. You can use any browser, but if you experience issues, please try another browser.

While the wesbite seems fairly simple, clean and easy to navigate, there’s a lot going on under the hood. To ensure you have a seemless, easy user experience, please make sure Javascript is enabled.


To read some of the downloadable articles on the website, you’ll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewing program.


We use standard video streaming technology to deliver video content. Most web browsers should have no problem handling our videos (public and members), but our website is optimized in the Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. You can use any browser, but if you experience issues, please try another browser.


In order to stream most of the high quality videos on our website, we require 3-5 mbps internet speed. If your internet speed is less than 3 mbps, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to stream our videos without interuption. Not sure what your internet speed is? Call your internet service provider (Comcast, Time Warner, Telecom, Vodafone, etc.).

You can also run a speed test to determine. Follow the link below and make sure to “Start Test”.

Check My Speed ››

Note: The internet speed you’re paying for doesn’t mean you’ll always be receiving that amount of bandwidth. If you’re on a network, it can often slow your speed since the bandwidth is being shared among a group, network or neighborhood. In this case, ISP’s are known to throttle connections.


As a visitor of this website, you may freely share or link to content in the public pages on this website given the appropriate citations to the author and source of the content (i.e. Heiner Fruehauf, are provided.

Sharing or linking to content in the Associates Forum members pages, including login credentials to an unauthorized user, is strictly prohibited. Sharing of materials or login credentials from the Associates Forum members pages, unless otherwise authorized, is grounds for immediate termination of membership privileges with no refund for the remaining time left on a membership. Note: Our system logs IP address information, login events, and user behaviors.

Learn more about the legalities of using this website by visiting our Site Disclaimer page.

Read Site Disclaimer ››
›› I’m having difficulty watching the videos on the site or viewing some of the content. What should I do?

Make sure you have the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser installed, a free download available on the web. Also make sure to enable Javascript in the browser itself. Javascript is the most widely used scripting language on the web, telling your browser how to behave.

›› Is the Associates Forum worth $195?

Yes it is! We currently have over 130 hours of video and audio presentations and more than thirty articles not featured in the public pages of the website. We upload at least 1 video per month, usually an hour-long presentation by Prof. Fruehauf and his colleagues. We also upload at least one scholarly article several times per year. The educational information contained in both the presentation and articles is both clinically and scholarly relevant material that will benefit most practitioners and students of Chinese medicine.

You can view our current inventory, watch example videos, and read excerpts from a variety of articles by visiting the membership information page below.

Learn About Membership ››

›› Does Prof. Fruehauf ever offer online, live webinars or teleconferences?

Yes he does. Currently, he offers webinars through Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas™. Most of the webinar content regards disease patterns, pathology, and physiology based on his over two decades of clinical and scholarly work. He also covers how to use classical Chinese herbal formulas and the Classical Pearls line of formulas for treatment.You don’t have to be using the line for treatment or personal use to gain knowledge from the webinars, but again, they’re focused on the use of the formulas.

The webinars are being hosted by our educational partner Pro D Seminars. PDA/CEU credit is approved for his courses. You can learn more by visiting this page.

Online Learning with Heiner Fruehauf ››

›› Will you ever sell individual articles and videos in the Associates Forum so I don’t need to commit to a full year? I’m looking for specific content.

Currently, several articles in the Associates Forum Membership are for individual sale. You will find those in our Store. We will also be introducing several of the video series in a pay-per-view model, which will allow viewers to custom build their learning program. Still, a full membership is the most economical way to go.

›› What’s the difference between classical Chinese medicine and TCM?

This is a long and complicated set of conversations that scholars have been arguing about for a long time. We don’t intend to answer that question ourselves on this site, but rather present material that supports your learning and fosters an environment for constructive dialogue about Chinese medicine. It is our hope that this site will be used as a tool for both learning and discussion. For now, please view the variety of articles and videos in the public areas of the site, or search for your topic in the search box. We welcome constructive feedback and dialogue amongst our readers following each of the posted articles.

›› I don’t understand the organization of your website. Can you tell me more about it?

Sure. The website is organized topically based on the clinical work and scholarship of Heiner Fruehauf and his colleagues and friends. The topics are divided into articles and videos (with some podcasts). Each type of media contains content available both to the public and members. Of particular interest to us are Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese cosmology and symbol science, classical medical text translations, and qigong, Daoist medicine, and self cultivation practices.

The navigation menus will get you started. Then choose a topic from the dropdown menus. When you arrive on a category page, the available content is displayed as individual posts, like an index.

In addition, we have a robust search engine if ever you’re looking for a specific topic and are unsure where to find it.

›› What’s the difference between the dark green menu above the white menu in the header?

The dark green navigation menu bar above the header image contains menu links that tell you about us, educational opportunities, our organization, membership account information, site administrative details, and support information (where you found this page).

The white navigation menu next to the header images is where the site content is located – videos, articles, and the store where you can purchase goods.

›› What if I can’t solve my technical issue on my own and all seems hopeless?

Please, don’t feel hopeless! We’re here to help. Please contact us using the form to the right and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot your issue or direct you toward the right person or resource to get your questions answered or technical issues solved.

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To contact Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas, please do so directly through their website.

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