The Principle of Supporting Yang


By Lu Chonghan (Chengdu University of TCM, Department of Fundamental Studies)
Translated by Kendra Dale
10 pages

In this transmission, the main successor of the Sichuan “Fire Spirit” school of aconite, ginger, and cinnamon usage issues a rare manifesto of the leading role of yang-qi in macrocosm and microcosm.



In a challenge to the textbook parameters of TCM, Dr. Lu contents that support of this precious yang is one of the hallmarks of classical Chinese medicine, which must override most superficial symptoms of heat and yin deficiency.

Originally published in Lu Chonghan: Fu Yang Jiang Ji

[Lectures on Supporting Yang]. Beijing: Traditional Chinese Medicine Publishing House, 2006.

Going back to the causes of pain, lets review why channels in the body become blocked. As mentioned above, the source of pain lies in cold and water.  Chinese medicine practitioners all know that cold is in charge of congealing and contraction, and as a result it can directly affect the freedom of flow in the channels. But besides this, why would cold affect the heart so specifi cally? The answer lies in the concept that the heart is the organ that represents Yang within Yang. Namely, it is the body’s inner sun. If our heart’s Yang is sufficient then our body can’t be affected by cold and water.

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