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Cosmology and Symbolism in Chinese Medicine

av-cosmoAll ancient systems of knowledge transmitted their data in the multi-dimensional vehicle of symbol and myth. Since modern modes of intellectual training tend to not be familiar anymore with the process of reading and extracting concrete meaning from symbolic modes of transmission, much of the diagnostic and clinical intricacies of Chinese medicine are unavailable to practitioners today. This section presents detailed information from a ten year research project dedicated to decoding the deeper meaning of the twelve organ networks and the traditional acupuncture point names.

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The Spirit of the Points: An In-Depth Exploration of the Symbolic Meaning of the Acupuncture Point Names


National University of Natural Medicine, College of Classical Chinese Medicine

The great Tang dynasty scholar physician Sun Simiao hinted 1,400 years ago that the secret of understanding the power of the acupuncture points is encoded in their ancient names—a vital piece of information with enormous clinical implications, which has literally been lost in translation. Most Western practitioners of Chinese medicine associate each acupuncture point with an abstract number.

This series represents the detailed delivery of goods that was announced last year with the existing video lecture on symbolism of acu-points. In essence, it is the long-anticipated companion series to the Organ Network Series, begun last year, and which will be concluded later this year. In both Prof. Fruehauf summarizes the findings of a 14-year research project, and offers a glimpse into the multi-layered array of complex cosmological and clinical information that was consciously embedded in the naming of the points by the creators of Chinese medicine.

All presentations in English
Running time: approx. 1 hr. each