Deng Zhongjia

Deng Zhongjia
Professor, Chengdu University of TCM

Running time
Part 1: 1 hr. 15 mins.
Part 2: 49 mins.

Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf
Filmed in China

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In this concise and data-packed lecture, China’s premier expert on herb combinations and herbal formulas illuminates one of the most important yet little talked about aspects of Chinese herbology. In this segment he focuses on the laws of alchemy, by explaining how the combining and dosing of single herbs can emphasize one specific function of a multi-spectrum herb over another.

Part 1: Herb Combination, the Alchemical Environment, and Herb Dosage
Part 2: Herb Preparation, Administration, and Ingestion

Please note the lower video quality and size are related to the age of the video and technology of the camera that recorded these presentations. Just the same, we felt the material important enough to deliver it to our audience.