In Memoriam: Prof. Deng Zhongjia 1943-2022

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It is with great sadness that I inform you of Prof. Deng Zhongjia’s passing on February 26, 2022. Prof. Deng’s prolific work and academic philosophy was perhaps the most important influence on the process of founding the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM thirty years ago.

Born into a family of professors in Shanghai, he contracted an optic nerve inflammation as a teenager and soon thereafter was declared blind. With the help of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Qigong he was able to miraculously recover his eyesight, an event that inspired him to pursue Chinese medicine as a career.

Chinese Medicine Past and Present: Problems and Solutions

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In this video conversation, one of China’s most outspoken experts on the philosophy of teaching Chinese medicine issues a comprehensive analysis of the state of modern TCM. As a scholar and former university administrator, he pinpoints the problems of the present PRC model of TCM education. Furthermore, he gives us his own suggestions on how to productively face the challenge of learning, teaching, and practicing an ancient medicine in a modern world.

Herb Pairs: Mastering the Alchemical Element of Chinese Herbal Medicine (2 Parts)

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In this concise and data-packed lecture, China's premier expert on herb combinations and herbal formulas illuminates one of the most important yet little talked about aspects of Chinese herbology. In this segment he focuses on the laws of alchemy, by explaining how the combining and dosing of single herbs can emphasize one specific function of a multi-spectrum herb over another.

Total running time: 134 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf

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