Hu Changjiang

Hu Changjiang
College of Pharmacology, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Running time
Part 1: 53 mins.
Part 2: 1 hr. 12 mins.
Part 3: 39 minutes

Mandarin Chinese
Interpreted and translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf
Filmed in China

Part of the Series: Paozhi (herb processing): The Field of Herbal Alchemy

Prof. Hu Changjiang is the leading scholar on the art and science of paozhi (traditional herbal processing) in mainland China. For the last decade, it has been a personal passion of his to rediscover the lost science of Daoist external alchemy (involving the fusion of metals for medicinal purposes) and restore its clinical value to the field of Chinese medicine. We are proud to be able to present his first public lecture about this topic for a Western audience to our members.

NOTE: Due to the challenges of the recording environment, the final video quality is lower than our general standards. We have done our best to correct these issues during post production. Thank you for your understanding.