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  • By Heiner Fruehauf English (12 pages) This important and timeless essay explores the process of aging by exploring the symbolism of the Chinese organ networks that are initiating the downward and inward spiraling motion on the Chinese organ clock, namely the heart, the small intestine, the bladder, and the kidney.
  • By Heiner Fruehauf and Friends

    4-album downloadable set, accompanied by the written chants and background material
      Sacred Chants is a beautifully recorded and designed 4 album set of over 2 ½ hours of sacred chants collected from spiritual healing communities in China by Heiner Fruehauf. Please read below for important note about downloading.
  • By Heiner Fruehauf Hai Shan Press 236 pages soft cover, spiral bound for easy clinical use
    We hope that this book, and its coming editions, will be of use to you as you seek to come into a deeper, more vital relationship with the study and practice of Chinese herbal medicine. It has been specifically created as a clinical handbook for students and practitioners interested in a lineage based practice of herbal medicine. As such, this volume has a different structure and different content than most formulas textbooks. The principle of this text is to organize the common Chinese formulas into “formula families” associated with the chief, or most representative, herb in the formula. Free shipping in the United States
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