Explore the field of ancient symbolism that illuminates the physical, emotional, and spiritual functions of the pericardium organ network.

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The Classical Pearls Series of Remedies: Positions on the Alchemical Holomap of the Chinese Organ Networks

2023-06-03T11:46:37-07:00Tags: , , , , |


We are excited to present an informative learning tool and clinical resource — a chart that aligns the remedies in the Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas™ family around the cosmological holomap of the Chinese organ networks that Heiner Fruehauf so often teaches about and has spent over 25 years researching. This chart is primarily to show, at one glance, where the constitutional home of each of each remedy is. The chart includes a short description of how the remedy functions with regard to Chinese medical physiology.

Understanding the Heart of Humanity: A Differential Analysis of the Fire Organs of Chinese Medicine (Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and Triple Warmer) (3 Parts)

2023-07-05T16:13:29-07:00Tags: , , , , , , , |


In this passionate lecture from the recent Roots and Branches Symposium, Heiner systematically illuminates the four different layers of the heart that play such an important role in the theory and practice of Chinese medicine.

Total running time: 2hr. 23 mins.

The Five Constitutional Types in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psychology (3 Parts)

2023-02-15T14:40:51-08:00Tags: , , , , |


National University of Natural Medicine,
College of Classical Chinese Medicine

In these presentations, Heiner Fruehauf translates and explains in detail some of the constitutional five element teachings by the Confucian educator and 19th century peasant saint Wang Fengyi.

Total running time: 138 mins.

Insights of a Senior Chinese Body Worker on Treating Pathologies of the Organ Networks (3 parts)

2023-05-20T12:24:22-07:00Tags: , , , , |


In this three-part lecture series, an accomplished female massage therapist from Shanghai shares her passion for the modalities of acupressure and tuina, as well as her fervent belief that there is no disease that cannot be healed by restoring proper flow of life energy in the body's channel system. In session 1, she shares from the wealth of her clinical experience diagnosing and treating diseases of the heart and lung, including lung cancer. In part 2, she addresses pathologies of the liver and kidney, and offers solutions for treatment. In the third and final installment, she focuses on pathologies and treatment strategies for the spleen, stomach, and pericardium organ systems.

A Classical Chinese Medicine Perspective on the Nature of Aging and Longevity

2019-01-23T18:52:23-08:00Tags: , , , , , , , , |

National University of Natural Medicine,
College of Classical Chinese Medicine

This essay explores the process of aging by exploring the symbolism of the Chinese organ networks that are initiating the downward and inward spiraling motion on the Chinese organ clock, namely the heart, the small intestine, the bladder, and the kidney.


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