The “Bladder Type” and the “Kidney Type” in Chinese Medicine

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The bladder is the organ function that leads to Enlightenment. Heiner discusses how ancient symbol scientists described the functioning of what is arguably the body’s most mystical and esoteric channel network, namely the Bladder.

What did real “surrender” mean to the ancient Chinese, and why did they deem it to be necessary for a person to live a fully authentic life? We’ll explore this question today, through the discussion of the characteristics attributed to the Kidney Channel Network of Chinese medicine. Ancient wisdom keepers defined the body’s root system as a type of “battery” for the storage of our core vitality, called “Source Qi”.

“On Differentiating Kidney Organ Disease Patterns and Corresponding Formulas”, followed by Commentary

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輔行訣臟腑用藥法要 梁華陽隱居 陶弘景 撰 EXTRANEOUS SECRETS: The Essential Method of Using Medicinal Substances for Differential Treatment of the Organ Networks Attributed to the Hermit of Huayang, Tao Hongjing (456-536), As Recorded and Transmitted by Zhang Dachang (1926-1995) and his Disciples 辨腎臟病證文并方 On [...]

A Classical Chinese Medicine Perspective on the Nature of Aging and Longevity

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National University of Natural Medicine,
College of Classical Chinese Medicine

This essay explores the process of aging by exploring the symbolism of the Chinese organ networks that are initiating the downward and inward spiraling motion on the Chinese organ clock, namely the heart, the small intestine, the bladder, and the kidney.


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