Conversation About Death

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Scholar-physicans Lorie Eve Dechar, Heiner Fruehauf, Lonny Jarrett, Randine Lewis, Alexander Love, Will Morris, and Vansanthi Vanniasingham discuss death, its relevance to living a more full life, and the practice of medicine. This is the 9th release in a monthly series of discussions considering the integrality of Chinese medicine and its place in our time.

Li Shizhen, Mugwort, and Moxibustion (2 Parts)

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Clinical Insights About a Neglected Modality of Chinese Medicine

Moxibustion was once regarded as one of the main modalities of Chinese medicine. During the last 75 years, however, the quality of medicinal mugwort has gone into decline and many traditional Moxa techniques have been lost. In this presentation, Dr. Liu Lihong’s passionate associate Mrs. Zou Hui gives us a passionate account of her decade-long journey to revive this forgotten therapeutic art. She relates how she chanced upon the esoteric Daoist system of Hetu Luoshu Moxibustion near sacred Mt. Qingcheng in Sichuan, and how she rediscovered China’s lost mugwort terroir near Li Shizhen’s ancestral home in Hubei. A compelling presentation outlining the characteristics of high quality mugwort and the enormous clinical potential of moxibustion for physical and emotional rebalancing.

Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf

Why Chinese Medicine Now?

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Scholar-physicans Lorie Eve Dechar, Heiner Fruehauf, Lonny Jarrett, Randine Lewis, Alexander Love, William Morris, and Brandt Stickley discuss the crucial role and importance of Chinese medicine in modern times. This is the introductory release in a monthly series of discussions considering the integrality of Chinese medicine and its place in our time.

The Role of Pain and Suffering in Healing

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Chinese medicine scholar-physicians in the United States discuss of the role of pain and suffering in healing. This is the 5th release in a monthly series of discussions considering the integrality of Chinese medicine and its place in our time.

Chinese Symbol Science: A Pathway to Clinical Practice

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One question students and practitioners of Chinese medicine frequently ask Heiner Fruehauf, "How does one translate the symbolism and cosmology inherent in classical Chinese medicine into a modern clinical practice?" This article is a recent dialogue between Heiner and his colleague Bob Quinn where they discuss the role of ancient cosmology, symbolism and dreams in the context of clinical diagnosis and treatment. (August 2022)

In Memoriam: Prof. Deng Zhongjia 1943-2022

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It is with great sadness that I inform you of Prof. Deng Zhongjia’s passing on February 26, 2022. Prof. Deng’s prolific work and academic philosophy was perhaps the most important influence on the process of founding the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM thirty years ago.

Born into a family of professors in Shanghai, he contracted an optic nerve inflammation as a teenager and soon thereafter was declared blind. With the help of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Qigong he was able to miraculously recover his eyesight, an event that inspired him to pursue Chinese medicine as a career.

Thoughts on Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment with Chinese Medicine

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Dr. Fruehauf offers important insights for the Chinese medicine etiology and potential treatment approaches to the coronavirus epidemic using Chinese herbal medicine; based on medical treatment reports from China and his own clinical experience during the recent flu season.


Are we what we eat? An exploration of the Small Intestine organ system

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Having explored the Heart organ system and its integral role in health and disease, we now discuss the Small Intestine—the organ system charged with carrying out the mission of the Heart. The Small Intestine function is involved in making choices—what to eat, what to absorb of what we ate, what thoughts to entertain, what situations to engage in. When the Small Intestine function is healthy, we make choices that are true to our deeper nature, and therefore lead to real happiness and fulfillment.

Might saturated fats, eggs, butter, raw milk, and cholesterol actually be good for you?!?

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Heiner and Laurie discuss the wisdom of traditional diets with “grassroots” expert Sally Fallon Morell. Sally began her journey into nutrition as an interested and observant mother. She quickly found that much of the modern view of nutrition has been highly influenced by business interests, rather than being informed by solid research and time-worn experience. Through open-minded exploration, she has become a proponent of ideas that may surprise (and delight) you!

Yin Yang: A Deeper Look at the Core of Chinese Medicine System Science

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Chinese medicine, at its core, is all about yin-yang. While recognition of this concept has by now entered into most non-Chinese languages, the cosmological depth and medical relevance of this most ancient of Chinese diagnostic systems remains nebulous. This two-part presentation represents Prof. Fruehauf’s approach to the concept and medical ramifications of yin-yang for an audience of Chinese medicine professionals.

Recovering from Acute and Chronic Viral Infections with Chinese Medicine

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This interview with Heiner Fruehauf is a preface to a full length seminar with Healthy Seminars that will introduce students to the theory, history, and practice of Chinese medicine approaches to the recovery from acute viral infections and degenerative after-effects caused by potential autoimmune reactions. The interview is conducted by Founder Dr. Lorne Brown, B.Sc., CPA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHT.

Dr. Judith Boice Interviews Dr. Heiner Fruehauf

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This interview was recorded for a clinical mentorship class that is part of the online doctorate completion program at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM). Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO is an adjunct faculty member at ACTCM as well as an award-winning author and teacher. is delighted to share this dialogue with you, and we extend our gratitude to Dr. Boice for making this recording available.

Building in Harmony with Nature

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Heiner and Laurie interview ecological design expert Katy Langstaff about how we can design and build structures that not only support the environment, but directly benefit human health as well. Katy is a former student of architect and theorist Christopher Alexander (A Pattern Language, The Timeless Way of Building, The Nature of Order), and works with her husband Stuart Cowan to provide ecological design, development, financial, and management services for innovative and sustainable building projects worldwide. Join us to hear how you we can build (whether a bed, house, or business) in a way that creates meaning and harmony in our lives.

Chinese Medicine for COVID-19: A Summary of Successful Treatment Approaches Used in China (video)

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In this 90 minute video lecture, Heiner Fruehauf summarizes the successful Chinese herbal medicine treatment approaches for COVID-19 based on first hand knowledge by physicians on the front line of the epidemic in China like Dr. Liu Lihong.

Gu Syndrome with Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc (Episode #116)

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In a wide-ranging interview with health writer Scott Forsgren, Heiner outlines the unique relevance of anti-Gu treatment strategies for many modern mystery afflictions such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue disorder. He shares practical advice based on his own clinical experience with inflammatory disorders that involve chronic overwhelm of the immune system by multiple layers of inflammatory pathogens like viruses, spirochetes, fungi and a variety of recalcitrant biofilms. Heiner points, out, moreover, that ancient Gu Syndrome treatment approaches may even contain potential lessons for the treatment of COVID-19.

Heiner Fruehauf Speaks About COVID-19 to Oregon Association of Acupuncturists

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This presentation by Heiner Fruehauf summarizes recent news from the front line of Chinese medicine treatments of COVID-19 in hospitals in Wuhan and elsewhere. He discusses different diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the disease, and emphasizes the importance of Chinese medicine participation at this unique moment in time.

The Ancient Chinese Holomap of the Body: Exploring the Mystery of the Acupuncture Point Names

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Heiner FruehaufNational University of Natural Medicine, College of Classical Chinese MedicineRunning timePart 1: 52 minsPart 2: 59 minsPart 3: 45 mins.EnglishFilmed in Portland, Oregon (US) The Ancient Chinese Holomap of the Body (3 Parts) In this introduction to [...]

Trusting the Fundamentals – Using Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Epidemic Disease • Qi135

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This conversation between seasoned Chinese medicine practitioners Michael Max and Heiner Fruehauf includes news from the front line of Chinese medicine treatments in hospitals in Wuhan and elsewhere, and discusses both the common nature of the current epidemic pathogen as well as the importance of applying differential diagnosis (bianzheng lunzhi) in approaching it with the modalities of Chinese medicine.

The Dampness Epidemic: Exploring the Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 in Shanghai

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A recent report based on the clinical experience of front-line physicians in Shanghai. After treating more than 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19, they are of the opinion that this disease should be classified as belonging to the traditional rubric of “damp epidemic” (shiwen 濕瘟).

Expert Consensus Statement on the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection in Children

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After observing an idiopathic outbreak of viral pneumonia in December 2019, later termed the COVID-19 infection, increased numbers of infected children have come to the attention of relevant medical agencies in China. Includes a detailed outline of the government's official TCM treatment guidelines that have been employed at Chinese hospitals since late January for both children and adults.

As Above, So Below

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What do the stars and planets reveal about how humans can live in harmony with the rhythms of nature? Heiner and Laurie interview Carol Ferris, a western astrologer who has spent more than forty years studying the relationship between planetary movements and human potential. Over the past decade, she has expanded her interests to the ancient Chinese understanding of the heavens, and is particularly fascinated by what the stellar constellations can reveal about human health.

All Disease Comes From the Heart (podcast)

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In this podcast, we discuss the ancient awareness that physical disease (dis-ease) arises when the natural flow of the Heart is restricted. This happens when we entertain false beliefs about ourselves or others, and let these prejudices dominate our inner wisdom. When our Heart is functioning freely, we experience ease and feel connected to the people and environment around us. Seen from this perspective, disease isn’t an enemy to be eradicated, but rather a sign in the material world pointing to opportunities to relax, open and live our life in a more whole and authentic way.

A History of Chinese Medicine in the West

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Contrary to common belief, Chinese medicine came to the west long before James Reston’s New York Times account of acupuncture following his trip to China with President Nixon in 1971. In fact, accounts of Chinese medicine practice in the Americas go back to at least the 1600’s. Heiner and Laurie interview expert Linda Barnes, PhD, who not only elucidates how, when and where Chinese medicine came to the west, but also provides insights about intercultural exchange that occurred. The discussion includes a consideration of how western understandings of medicine and the body were informed by interactions with Chinese medicine practitioners.

The Problem of Iatrogenic Disease

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While Western medicine can be a life-saver, it also is much more likely than natural medicine to cause serious health problems for the patient. Heiner and Laurie discuss the issue of practitioner induced illness, and explain why this problem is much more likely to result from the practice of allopathic than natural medicine.

Dao Yin: Theory and Practice (4 Parts)

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In these lectures, China’s premier advocate of the classical wisdom traditions in Chinese medicine explores the history, theory, and practice of Daoyin, the Daoist tradition of cultivating qi, maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang, and nourishing life as it was elucidated in the Huangdi Neijing.

Total running time: 56 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf

Acupuncture in the Wild: Part I & II

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“As Above, So Below” isn’t just a lovely saying—there really is direct relationship between the human body and the natural world. In the realm of acupuncture, perhaps nobody knows this as experientially as this week’s guest, David Ford. Having spent more than forty years teaching acupuncture in wilderness settings, David has developed a deep understanding of how the properties of individual acupuncture points mirror actual phenomena in nature.

The China Study Re-visited—with very different conclusions!

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Health writer Denise Minger shares her insights about the meat-no meat debate. Denise Minger is exuberant and simply in search of the truth…about what the available data does and does not tell us about the nature of healthy nutrition. Following a raw food, vegan diet to become hearty and strong, Denise instead found herself becoming sicker and weaker. According to the conclusions in The China Study, she was on the diet that should prevent chronic disease. Puzzled by her experience, and a data wonk at heart, she obtained the original data upon which the book was based, and analyzed it herself. Join us for a discussion of what she found in that data, and in her subsequent quest for nutritional wisdom based in sound science rather than dogmatism or political agendas.

Spirit of the Points: Lung Channel

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The great Tang dynasty scholar physician Sun Simiao hinted 1,400 years ago that the secret of understanding the power of the acupuncture points is encoded in their ancient names. This vital piece of information has enormous clinical implications and has literally been lost in translation. This series represents the detailed delivery of goods that was announced in 2018 with the existing video lecture on symbolism of acu-points.

Spirit of the Points: Large Intestine Channel

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The great Tang dynasty scholar physician Sun Simiao hinted 1,400 years ago that the secret of understanding the power of the acupuncture points is encoded in their ancient names. This vital piece of information has enormous clinical implications and has literally been lost in translation. This series represents the detailed delivery of goods that was announced in 2018 with the existing video lecture on symbolism of acu-points.

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