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General Videos

Explore our selection of videos available to the public.

The videos on this page represent a broad selection of topics about Chinese medicine, ranging from Chinese herbal medicine and Daoist medicine to Chinese arts, culture and qigong.

If you like what you see, there are over 160 hours of more in-depth video presentations and two dozen scholarly and clinically relevant articles for practitioners, students, and lovers of Chinese medicine located in our membership pages. We invite you to further explore our database of resources and become a member.

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Classical Chinese Medicine | Membership

Chinese Medicine Blues

Eastern Currents
Total running time: 4 mins.

The British Chinese medicine expert Peter Firebrace is a dear friend of the community. In recent years, he has used his deep love for music to cover many of the perennial themes of Chinese medicine in witty and informative song compositions. CDs capturing more of his musical work can be obtained from in North America, and from in Europe.

Simple Facts About Tea (2 parts)

China’s pre-eminent tea scholar, Hunan
Total running time: 89 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, Translated into English
by Heiner Fruehauf

Join a delightful lecture and tea drinking session with China’s pre-eminent tea scholar, retired Prof. Shi Zhaopeng. On location at Jiashan Temple in Hunan Province, the origin of ceremonial tea drinking in the Zen tradition, he clarifies some basic facts about the production and degustation of different types of Chinese tea.

Calligraphy – A Meditation

Renowned calligrapher, Shaanxi Province
Total running time: 5 mins.

In the spirit of recognizing Chinese medicine as an art form embedded in traditional Chinese culture, presents another video about a key element of Chinese craftsmanship. Hu Baoqi, a well-known calligrapher from Shaanxi Province, introduces us to the concept of “flow” through his silent brush strokes.

On Nourishing Spirit (yangshen)


Total running time: 9 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English
by Heiner Fruehauf

In this illuminative presentation captured at Jiashan Monastery in Hunan, China’s premier advocate of the classical wisdom traditions in Chinese medicine explores the vital concept of yangshen (nourishing the spirit). “Nourishing spirit” used to be considered a precondition for physical cultivation (yangsheng), but has gradually become forgotten in modern times.

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