The Lung and the Tiger Image: An Example of Decoding the Symbolic Record of Chinese Medicine


By Heiner Fruehauf

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German (8 pages)

This essay examines how the image of the tiger—a traditional symbol associated with the season of fall, the phase element metal, and the organ network of the Lung—transmits a host of intricate information about Lung function in the spheres of the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.



More importantly, this article by Heiner Fruehauf, serves as a concrete example of how the symbolic code employed by ancient Chinese writers can be read to extract hidden clinical gems.

As is the primary attribute of all symbols, the image of the tiger translates abstract immaterial function into the three-dimensional sphere of the physically tangible and viscerally compelling. The various characteristics of the the lung and the tiger image: an example of decoding the symbolic record of Chinese medicine tiger point to the multidimensional web of functions that are ushered in by the first month of spring in the sphere of the macrocosm, as well as those administered by the Lung network in the sphere of the microcosm



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