The Large Intestine Archetype—Can You Relate?

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We continue through the cycle of the Organ Networks, with an in-depth exploration of the Large Intestine Network. In a previous episode, we provided a general introduction to the 12 Organ Networks of Chinese medicine, and a more detailed description of the Lung Organ Network. Each of the twelve represents a set of functions that can be observed throughout the natural world, including the human body. In this episode, we discuss phenomena and themes associated with the Large Intestine organ network.

The Stomach and Spleen Organ Networks of Chinese Medicine

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Heiner and Laurie discuss the wisdom of traditional diets with “grassroots” expert Sally Fallon Morell. Sally began her journey into nutrition as an interested and observant mother. She quickly found that much of the modern view of nutrition has been highly influenced by business interests, rather than being informed by solid research and time-worn experience. Through open-minded exploration, she has become a proponent of ideas that may surprise (and delight) you!

“On Differentiating Spleen Organ Disease Patterns and Corresponding Formulas”, followed by Commentary

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輔行訣臟腑用藥法要 梁華陽隱居 陶弘景 撰 EXTRANEOUS SECRETS: The Essential Method of Using Medicinal Substances for Differential Treatment of the Organ Networks Attributed to the Hermit of Huayang, Tao Hongjing (456-536), As Recorded and Transmitted by Zhang Dachang (1926-1995) and his Disciples 辨脾臟病證文併方 On [...]

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