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We offer a number of physical and virtual downloadable materials for sale based on the work of Heiner Fruehauf, Wang Qingyu, Liu Lihong, and others at the forefront of the renaissance of classical Chinese medicine.

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Chinese Herbal Formulas: A Clinical Handbook


Chinese Herbal Formulas: A Clinical Handbook

2nd Edition
By Heiner Fruehauf

The book features concise yet clinically relevant descriptions of 100 of the most commonly used Chinese formulas, and is designed to reflect the rich intellectual tradition and comprehensive, multi-layered theory that underlies the field of Chinese formula studies. In addition, this work reflects unique information from the diverse lineages that Heiner Fruehauf has been exposed to during 3 decades of herbal studies: i.e. concrete pulse information for classical Shanghan lun formulas in the highly practical pulse system transmitted by Drs. Zeng Rongxiu and Tian Heming; unique formulas from the Fire Spirit School of Sichuan herbalism, as well as remedies from the Raise and Descend School of the 17th century master Huang Kunzai transmitted by Dr. Wu Sheng’an.

  • By Heiner Fruehauf Available languages English, translated from Mandarin Chinese (9 pages) German, translated from Mandarin Chinese (10 pages) These essays represent Heiner’s contribution to 2011's Fuyang luntan (Discussion Forum on Supporting the Yang), China’s premier conference dedicated to upholding the roots of classical Chinese medicine.
  • By Cheng Guopeng (Scholar, Qing Dynasty) Translated by Heiner Fruehauf Available languages English (6 pages) German (7 pages) Cheng Guopeng is one of the seminal scholar-physicians of the early Qing dynasty. At the height of his career, he synthesized his personal insights derived from a life-long study of the classics, especially Zhang Zhongjing’s Shanghan lun, and his clinical experience by writing the book Enlightened Insights into the Science of Medicine (Yixue xinwu, 1732).
  • By Lu Chonghan (Chengdu University of TCM, Department of Fundamental Studies) Translated by Kendra Dale 10 pages In this transmission, the main successor of the Sichuan “Fire Spirit” school of aconite, ginger, and cinnamon usage issues a rare manifesto of the leading role of yang-qi in macrocosm and microcosm.
  • With Heiner Fruehauf Interview by Bob Quinn 14 pages In the spring of 2011 Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc sat down with his student and colleague, Bob Quinn, DAOM, LAc to discuss the finer points of “Brain Gu” syndrome, specifically as it pertains to the treatment of Lyme Disease. This discussion is best understood as a long-awaited follow-up to and elaboration of the ideas presented in Heiner and Quinn’s earlier interview about Gu syndrome published in the fall of 2008 and available this website.  
  • By Heiner Fruehauf Available languages English (7 pages) German (8 pages) This essay examines how the image of the tiger—a traditional symbol associated with the season of fall, the phase element metal, and the organ network of the Lung—transmits a host of intricate information about Lung function in the spheres of the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.
  • Developing the Core Essence of Chinese Medical Science: An Interview with Liu Changlin (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Department of Philosophy) Translated by Heiner Fruehauf 4 pages In these translated excerpts from a comprehensive interview, one of China’s leading theorists explores the philosophical differences between Eastern and Western modes of thinking, and how they shaped two distinct systems of medicine: Chinese medicine, described as a medicine of time, and Western medicine, described as a medicine of space.    
  • By Heiner Fruehauf English (12 pages) This important and timeless essay explores the process of aging by exploring the symbolism of the Chinese organ networks that are initiating the downward and inward spiraling motion on the Chinese organ clock, namely the heart, the small intestine, the bladder, and the kidney.
  • By Shan Yutang Translated by Heiner Fruehauf 3 pages One of modern China’s last masters of acupuncture interprets shaoyang function and provides a model for transforming Shanghan lun information into elegant point prescriptions.
  • By Frank Fiedeler Translated by Gabriel Weiss These original translations are chapters from the book Yin and Yang, by the late Prof. Frank Fiedeler, one of the best modern interpretors of the Yijing, and who is one of the few scholars who have made the symbolic methodology of Han and pre-Han dynasty thought accessible for the field of Chinese medicine.
    • Cosmological Thought in Europe and China, An Introduction
    • Image and Script
    • Heaven and Earth
    • The History of Heavenly Sacrifice
    • *All 4 Chapters
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  • By Heiner Fruehauf Hai Shan Press 236 pages soft cover, spiral bound for easy clinical use
    We hope that this book, and its coming editions, will be of use to you as you seek to come into a deeper, more vital relationship with the study and practice of Chinese herbal medicine. It has been specifically created as a clinical handbook for students and practitioners interested in a lineage based practice of herbal medicine. As such, this volume has a different structure and different content than most formulas textbooks. The principle of this text is to organize the common Chinese formulas into “formula families” associated with the chief, or most representative, herb in the formula. Free shipping in the United States
  • By Heiner Fruehauf and Friends

    4-album downloadable set, accompanied by the written chants and background material
      Sacred Chants is a beautifully recorded and designed 4 album set of over 2 ½ hours of sacred chants collected from spiritual healing communities in China by Heiner Fruehauf. Please read below for important note about downloading.
  • By Heiner Fruehauf and Friends

    Downloadable single album of Chinese Buddhist chants accompanied by the written chants and background material

    Sacred Chants is a beautifully recorded and designed 4 album set of over 2 ½ hours of sacred chants collected from spiritual healing communities in China by Heiner Fruehauf. This volume contains Chinese Buddhist chants. Please read below for important note about downloading.
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