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Chinese Herbal Formulas: A Clinical Handbook


Chinese Herbal Formulas: A Clinical Handbook

2nd Edition
By Heiner Fruehauf

The book features concise yet clinically relevant descriptions of 100 of the most commonly used Chinese formulas, and is designed to reflect the rich intellectual tradition and comprehensive, multi-layered theory that underlies the field of Chinese formula studies. In addition, this work reflects unique information from the diverse lineages that Heiner Fruehauf has been exposed to during 3 decades of herbal studies: i.e. concrete pulse information for classical Shanghan lun formulas in the highly practical pulse system transmitted by Drs. Zeng Rongxiu and Tian Heming; unique formulas from the Fire Spirit School of Sichuan herbalism, as well as remedies from the Raise and Descend School of the 17th century master Huang Kunzai transmitted by Dr. Wu Sheng’an.