Exploring Ancient Wisdom with Classical Chinese Medicine Scholar Sabine Wilms

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Why ancient wisdom is so relevant for finding health and harmony in today’s world? Join Heiner and Laurie for a lively discussion with Dr. Sabine Wilms, world-renown expert on the life and works of ancient sage-scholar Sun Simiao (581-682 A.D.). Known as the “King of Medicine” (Yaowang), Sun Simiao is revered not only for his medical acumen (especially in the realm of herbal prescription), but also for his deep knowledge of how to “nourish life”, emphasizing the health of women and children.

A New Translation of the Classic of Filial Love (Xiaojing 孝經)

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National University of Natural Medicine,
College of Classical Chinese Medicine

One of the best translators of classical Chinese medicine texts has generously agreed to share her recent translation of this core classic of Confucian thinking, human interaction, and medical ethics. We offer it for complete download together with an announcement of the 3rd Shan Ren Dao Retreat in the West. The Retreat introduces the 5-element teachings of the 19th century peasant saint Wang Fengyi as a practical way to bring the wisdom of the Xiaojing into modern everyday life.

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