The Essence of Chinese Medicine

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Xi'an Master Folk Physician
Total running time: 17 mins.
Mandarin Chinese
with English subtitles is proud to announce that one of Northern China’s most pre-eminent folk physicians has become a permanent advisor to our online family. Dr. Wu Sheng’an is a classically trained master physician who still combines many traditional skills that are virtually impossible to find in one person in modern-day China: chrono-acupuncturist, wildcrafter and processor of medicinal plants, internal medicine expert specializing in difficult and recalcitrant diseases, Taiji master, and active proponent of Sun Simiao’s medical ethics.

The Classical Chrono-Acupuncture System of the Wu Sheng’an Family Lineage (3 Parts)

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Shaanxi Province Sheng'an Research Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

This video series introduces one of the clinical gems that Heiner Fruehauf found on this year's China trip—the uniquely effective and easy-to-learn classical acupuncture system of the esteemed contemporary Chinese medicine folk physician, Dr. Wu Sheng'an. Presented by Dr. Wu's main student Dr. He Chan.

Total running time: 136 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf


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