Prof. Wu Sheng'an
Wu Zhaoqing

Wu Sheng’an
Xi’an Master Folk Physician

Wu Zhaoqing
Eldest son of Dr. Wu

Running time
Part 1: 57 mins.
Part 2: 1 hr. 3 mins.

Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf
Filmed in China

One of the clinical gems we discovered during the last 3 years in the unique clinical system of Dr. Wu Sheng’an from Xi’an, who is the 6th generation disciple of the Qing Dynasty scholar physician Huang Yuanyu (1704-1758), more often referred to by his nickname Huang Kunzai (“Huang Who Stabilizes Like the Earth” – a reference to the spleen/stomach focused approach by this influential doctor.

As the field of TCM is becoming increasingly standardized and aligned with the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of Western medicine, he stands as an ardent proponent that real recovery can only come from treatments that stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal. this firm belief in nature’s intelligence is the foundation for his reputation as one of Chinese’s most effective clinicians.

Dr. Wu Sheng’an is a classically trained master physician whose practice combines many traditional skills that are virtually impossible to find in Dr. Wu Sheng’an one person in modern-day China: chrono-acupuncturist, wildcrafter and processor of medicinal plants, internal medicine expert specializing in difficult and recalcitrant diseases, Taiji master, and active proponent of Sun Simiao’s medical ethics. In a medical practice that has spanned more than 50 years, Dr. Wu has synthesized core teachings of several historically renowned lineages into one highly effective and cohesive clinical system.

In video lecture, Dr. Wu’s eldest son Wu Zhaoqing provides a practical and systematic introduction to the unique herbal approach of the Wu Sheng’an lineage.