Direct Transmission: Quest for the Heart in Classical Chinese Medicine

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Direct Transmission shares the faces and stories of several remarkable practitioners of classical Chinese medicine, people who are a living link to the treasures of the past. It is our hope that the nature of this unprecedented material, woven of colorful and emotionally moving stories, interviews, and treatment sessions, will inspire expanded interest in, and understanding of, the profound value of traditional knowledge in general, and classical Chinese medicine in particular.

Qigong: On the Rewards of Continuous Practice and the Importance of Lineage

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In this presentation, respected Daoist medicine elder Wang Qingyu dialogues with his student, Heiner Fruehauf, about the importance of maintaining consistency in Qigong practice, and the vital importance of the concept of lineage in Chinese medicine and related forms of personal cultivation.

A Simple Principle in the Transmission of Gnostic Knowledge

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In this keynote speech at a recent Chinese medicine conference in Poland, Heiner Fruehauf spoke about the ancient core concepts of this dynamic medicine, and how utilizing the medicine in its intended classical forms (as a fully realized, potent system of medicine) is of great importance at a time when Western medicine and modern TCM are encountering limitations in treating the complex diseases of our time.

What Is a Classic: On the Importance of Transmission, Inner Cultivation and Sage Consciousness

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Institute for the Research and Preservation of Classical Chinese Medicine, Guangxi University of TCM

Total running time: 56 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English
by Heiner Fruehauf

In this lecture given on the top of Mt. Baishi, meditation site of the great 4th century alchemist Ge Hong, China’s main proponent of classical Chinese medicine gives an articulate and highly personal transmission about the reasons why a Chinese medicine practitioner should study the medical classics and use them as an important cultivational tool.

The Dialectics of the Heart—10 Practical Steps to Live in Health and Integrity

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Jiashan Zen Monastery, Hunan

This presentation offers practical transmissions on how to cultivate oneself in the midst of everyday life. These transmissions hail from classical Chinese texts, and are interpreted by a modern Zen master.

Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf
Total running time: 62 mins.

On Cultivation and the Spirit of Chinese Medicine

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In this lively presentation, China’s premier expert of Daoist medicine and the ancient science of nourishing life gives a highly personal account of the role of personal cultivation and the acquisition of practitioner knowledge in the traditional teacher–disciple relationship.

Total running time: 1 hr. 17 mins.
Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf

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