The Alchemy of Cooking (2 Parts)

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After several years of COVID-related lock-downs in China, we were able to spend precious time with Dr. Liu Lihong again this summer. We felt privileged to hear about his latest project probing the intricate depths of Chinese Medicine—the alchemy of food preparation. Dr. Liu’s passionate lecture includes unique insights into the energetic properties of water and an introduction to Nanshan Yinshi, a hermit lineage of food preparation that originated from sacred Mt. Zhongnan in Shaanxi.

Mandarin Chinese, translated into English by Heiner Fruehauf

Might saturated fats, eggs, butter, raw milk, and cholesterol actually be good for you?!?

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Heiner and Laurie discuss the wisdom of traditional diets with “grassroots” expert Sally Fallon Morell. Sally began her journey into nutrition as an interested and observant mother. She quickly found that much of the modern view of nutrition has been highly influenced by business interests, rather than being informed by solid research and time-worn experience. Through open-minded exploration, she has become a proponent of ideas that may surprise (and delight) you!

The China Study Re-visited—with very different conclusions!

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Health writer Denise Minger shares her insights about the meat-no meat debate. Denise Minger is exuberant and simply in search of the truth…about what the available data does and does not tell us about the nature of healthy nutrition. Following a raw food, vegan diet to become hearty and strong, Denise instead found herself becoming sicker and weaker. According to the conclusions in The China Study, she was on the diet that should prevent chronic disease. Puzzled by her experience, and a data wonk at heart, she obtained the original data upon which the book was based, and analyzed it herself. Join us for a discussion of what she found in that data, and in her subsequent quest for nutritional wisdom based in sound science rather than dogmatism or political agendas.

Your Body is a Sacred Landscape

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Listen to the messages conveyed by your physical symptoms. In our culture, we are conditioned to think of symptoms as problems to fix. We have our growths removed with surgery, our fevers lowered with aspirin, and our rashes removed by steroid creams. While this kind of approach can have the blessing of alleviating our suffering, and even be a valuable component of our healing process, it alone does not address why the symptoms were there in the first place. Heiner and Laurie discuss the importance of listening to your body’s messages about what is out of balance, and learning to make corresponding choices that support the movement toward health. Even in a state of good health, our physical form can be understood as sacred reflection of the inner working of our being.

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